Malawi is located in southeastern Africa, and is landlocked between the countries of Zambia, Mozambique, and Tanzania. Malawi boasts a majestic lake along its eastern border, as well as natural reserves where the Big Five (elephant, rhino, rhino, leopard, buffalo) can be seen.

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Nicknamed the "Warm Heart of Africa", Malawi is known for the friendliness of its people. Chichewa is the common language among the villages we minister to. English is taught in the schools.

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According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, "Although Malawi is one of the most densely populated countries in southern Africa, it is also one of the least urbanized, with more than four-fifths of its people living in rural locations."

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BORE HOLES | where it all began

Bore holes are deep drilled wells, usually over 100 feet deep. Most are fitted with an Afridev pump which is of simple construction, reliable, and easily serviced. The Afridev is used throughout Africa and Asia.


We haveĀ found that in Malawi, at least, these bore holes serve villages of 800 to 1200 people, and sometimes the bore hole is used by more than one village. One bore hole that we repaired was used by a government (public) school of 800 students, and 4 villages -- this totaled up to over 5000 people!


Due to heavy usage the pumps do wear out. Due to the extreme poverty of sub-Sahara Africa many or most villages cannot raise the necessary funds to repair this clean water source. This results in the villages return to using surface water which is contaminated. Outbreaks of cholera and other bacterial diseases from this water is common. Cholera can be deadly, especially in children.

Much emphasis is put on providing African villages with a new bore holes by many organizations around the world-- and this is a good thing, but there is not much emphasis on bringing existing bore holes that no longer function back into service. It may cost $3,000 to $6,000 to drill and set up a new bore hole. We can purchase the needed repair parts, take them to the villages, and have the job done in a short time for on average $500 and our team always does a Gospel presentation.


This project is not just about meeting physical needs, as important as that is, but meeting spiritual needs and presenting these remote villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Hale family spends at least 4 months of each year in Malawi, ministering to the needs of the people.

Their ministry with Gospel in Action began with repairing bore holes and sharing the Gospel in the villages. It has, since, expanded to include construction projects, feeding programs, a children's ministry, and much needed medical assistance.


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