April 2018

The Hale family recently returned from their 4 month stay in Malawi. During that time, several visitors from the States joined them to assist with the work for shorter periods. It is exciting to have more and more involvement from people here. God continues to amaze us with this work in Malawi.
The church in Chimoto , while only a few years old has already outgrown the building that was put up less than 3 years ago. Through the generosity of God’s people here in the US Charlie and his Malawian crew were able to erect a new and larger facility. The old building is still being used extensively for classrooms and the feeding program. Also included in that project was a new bore hole which is more accessible to those on the church side of the gulch which divides the village. The feeding program is going very well- now feeding over 400 children twice a week. We hope to feed more days a week in the near future.
The story is about the same in Nyankhazi village where Charlie got a good start on a new building and will finish it later this year. The Nyankhazi program is feeding over 100 orphans 5 days a week. Americans have sponsored pastors-in-training for both villages. In a couple of years our in depth involvement in these villages will be completed and our efforts will be focused to where God next directs us.

At the age of 10 Harlie Hale first went to Malawi with her parents. As Charlie and Tracy did various ministry projects Harlie developed relationships with the local village kids where our mission house was being constructed. She started an afternoon program where the kids would do verse memorizing, hear Bible lessons and games and get an opportunity to earn their very own Bible. This group rapidly grew from a handful to over 60. About a year ago Harlie realized that although her friends attended government schools, many if not most were illiterate.The student to teacher ratio at these schools can be as high as 200 to 1. Many children can not even fit into the classroom and likely cannot gain much from the lessons by sitting outside. Harlie started visiting the families to see if the parents were receptive to their kids attending Ruben and Edith’s private school where the learning conditions would be much better and also Bible is in the curriculum. She started organizing sponsorships from Americans and interest and action was high. What started out as helping a few has turned into about 80 children now enrolled in the Dalitso Private School. There is over 100 kids on the waiting list for a decent education.This will eventually have a huge impact on this village. To find out how you can help go to¬†gospelinactionmalawi.org.

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