January 2018

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all are well and staying warm! I thank our Lord and Saviour for each one of you. When the Church works together to exalt God things happen! I have tried to keep you all up to date on what is going on with our ministry with news letters throughout the year but I do want to do some highlights.

We started out repairing bore hole in the rural areas 8 years ago and that aspect of the ministry remains a huge part of what we do. In 2017 we visited 53 villages that had problems with their water. Because some bore holes serve more than one village over 60 villages benefited from our work. Over 50,000 people depend on the 53 bore holes we repaired. One was out of service for 12 years but most were down for 1 to 3 years. But even that is a long time for the ladies to lug water on their heads for several kilometers twice a day. We distributed hundreds of Chechewe Bibles and preached the Gospel everywhere we went. A few Bible studies and a couple of local churches have sprung up as a result of the villages hearing the Gospel!
We continue to fund 2 feeding programs– in Nyankhazi we are feeding over 100 orphans 5 days a week twice a day, in Chimoto over 400 children are fed 3 times a week. We have built housing at both villages for local widow ladies with their rent being operation of the children feeding programs. Also kitchens were built in each village so the cooking can be done with protection from the elements.
A few times this year I have talked about Tsanzo and Kingsley, the brothers who cannot walk. Wheelchairs were donated by supporters herein the States and we took them to the boys in March. They have had several medical appointments and it was my understanding that they were to have procedures to help them back in September. That did not happen- not sure why but we are not giving up on this. As Tracy says, “TIA” (this is Africa)!
Last month I told you about the sponsorship program to send school kids to Edith’s private Christian school. So far about 50 have been sponsored but there is still a long list of kids who desire a great education. There is also a need to send men to seminary and Bible school. We have several who are interested in this especially from the new church start-ups. If you would consider sponsoring a man let me know.. .
Charlie, Tracy and Harlie Hale continue to spend 4 months per year ministering in Malawi. I am so grateful for their faithfulness, diligence, courage and sacrifice. they are certainly being used greatly by God in these programs.
Pastor Ruben and wife Edith along with Pastor Daniel remain our main Malawian workers. They keep everything going especially when no Americans are around. Ruben and Edith were in the US in September and October– mainly in Iowa. They and the Hales had many ministry presentations and were a blessing to scores of people.
We had two pastor training conferences at our facility in 2017. This is a new endeavor. One was held in March and the other in August by Pastor Paul Miller (Iowa) and Todd Caverly (Maine) respectively. The training was well received and attended. We would like to continue this as this is what the Great Commission is–making disciples.
All of us involved with this are truly amazed at how God has been moving in Malawi. Don’t get me wrong, it is not without problems–anytime you are doing God’s work you will be challenged. So keep us in your prayers and pray that The Holy Spirit will move greatly in Malawi in 2018.
As a reminder, your gifts are tax deductible– we can provide you with a year end statement. Also if your group of any kind or size would like a ministry overview presentation let me know.
I will keep you all posted and Grace & Peace to you all, JohnB

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