December 2017

Hi Everyone,
The above photos are of the little girl who was burned which I previously told you about.
Today I want to tell you how God has led us to start a new program– sponsorship of school children to Dalitso Private School which is owned and operated by Ruben and Edith. This program came about through Harlie teaching the Futi Village children Bible lessons and Scripture memorization. When Harlie was teaching the older kids she realized that they could not spell their own names. Harlie asked Edith about it and was told that the government schools have a student – teacher ratio of about 200 to 1. The classrooms are overflowing so many kids have to sit outside– not very good conditions for learning!
Harlie wanted her friend Ruth to attend Dalitso School so she could learn English better and help Harlie with the children’s ministry.From that came the sponsoring of several more children to this school where not only is there a teacher for every 30 students but also solid Bible based teaching. This all took place in March of this year.When the Hales returned to Malawi this November they saw a great improvement in the kids speaking and understanding English.
There are 48 sponsored so far and another 200 waiting.The sponsorship for a child is $155 / school year and another $50 will enable the child to purchase books and have a daily lunch. If you are compelled to help go to gospelinactionmalawi.organd click on the “children’s ministry” tab (you should check out the site regardless). Below are some photos of children who would like to be sponsored. I hope you all have a great celebration of our Lord’s incarnation with your families– I will send more in a few days and then a yearly summary in January.
Grace & Peace,

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