July 2014

Greetings to all of you.

I have a few things to report. I have mentioned in a previous report about the fertilizer program we wanted to start. Well it has been started! You can help farmers grow better crops thus easing the annual hunger problem by buying a bag of fertilizer for $40. Here is how it will work: Our ministry will purchase hopefully at least 300 bags of fertilizer. We will give it out to the farmers. When they get their harvest they will pay us with 3 bags of maize for every bag of fertilizer they took. This program will result in bigger crops plus we will have maize to distribute to needy families. This has been and is being done by other ministries with good success.

As you all know, I was unable to go to Malawi earlier this year due to some injuries I sustained. I and a few others are planning to be there in December and then again next March. The bore hole repair work is in big demand so we will be focusing on that during these trips. As I have talked about before, the opportunities to present the Gospel in the villages that we help with water are great. We always do a Gospel presentation. There is of course always the need for Chechewa Bibles. Please continue to pray for this work. And as you may not know, the work is actually going on now—some funds were left with Ruben in March so that the work could go on even though there are no Americans present. This is the dry time of year for Malawi so it is easier to get to some of the villages (perhaps you have seen a photo of our group stuck in the mud on one or more occasion) Please pray and give as God directs.

The Hale family – Charlie, Tracy and daughter Harlie will be going to Malawi in December for the winter. Charlie will be overseeing and working to complete our building project—at least complete enough to be usable. They will also be doing other ministry projects—more about that in a later update. Tracy has recently opened a ministry store in their home town of Chariton, Iowa. She sells donated items such as clothing, baby items and knick-knacks. All of the proceeds go to our work in Malawi.

Our good friend Pastor Booker Banda in Malawi recently emailed me about an urgent need for 200 Bibles in his areas of ministry which extends into Mozambique. That request was announced at my church—Little River Community Church this last Sunday. Already God’s people have responded and have so far given enough for 90 Bibles ! You can help and we do not have to stop at 200. I have personally seen the extreme desire of the people in the remote villages to obtain God’s Holy Word. What a great opportunity to be a part of bringing the Gospel to those who have not the Only Truth .

That is all for now. I do want to again express my deep gratitude to each of you who support us – especially with your prayers. I know God is using those prayers in the mysterious way in which He does to accomplish His purposes in all of this. And to those of you who pray and give – Wow, Thank You so much. Thank You for your concern for those with much less than us . Grace & Peace John B.

p.s. just reminder that all financial gifts are tax deductible and we do provide receipts to donors at year’s end.


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