April 2014

We have so much to praise God for. He continues to work through his people as they avail themselves to Him. God is perfectly capable of accomplishing His will without us, yet He chooses to give His children the privilege to do His Kingdom work.


All of our American team is now home from Malawi. The building project went very well through the guidance and hard work of LaVern Tueth and Charlie Hale. We expect completion of the main building and bunk houses by the end of the year. You can view photos of the progression on our web site gospel-in-action.org


As I mentioned previously, hunger is a big problem in Malawi this year. This is due to various circumstances. The team was able to provide short term relief to some by distributing maize to several hundred families. One of the main reasons for crop failure this year was the prohibitive cost of fertilizer. We are going to implement a program that provides fertilizer to farmers in exchange for maize when their crops come in. This will help farmers and the maize we receive will be used to provide hunger relief to others. Our goal is to get this program operable by the next growing season which begins in December.


As the team went from village to village repairing bore holes many Bibles were given out to church leaders. These became “village Bibles” which are being used in Bible studies and new start-up churches. There is a real hunger for the Word of God and the demand for Bibles is so great that we are not able to provide one to everyone who desires one. But with this method one Bible has the potential to reach hundreds of individuals.


The bore hole repairing project continues; so far this year 18 have been completed. Those 18 served 55 villages and over 60,000 people. Nine cholera deaths were reported to us from children drinking unsafe water. The bore hole work will continue throughout this year as long as the funds are there. We have a list of dozens that need repairing.


Another new facet to the ministry this year was in the form of medical help. Ruben’s daughter, Misozi, who is a RN traveled with the team and provided much needed help in the villages. She treated such things as infections, ringworm, and malaria. We would very much like to continue and expand this program as well.


Each of the team members has expressed to me how grateful they are to God for using them in the work. They also expressed how huge the needs are in Africa. It is heartbreaking to realize that even this very moment there are some dying from lack of food or good water. Our hope is to reach more and more in the coming months.   “If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food, and one of you says to them, “ go in peace, be warmed and be filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that? So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is DEAD. (James 2:15-17)


Please remember that everywhere we work, it is a priority not only to share the Gospel of Christ, but to provide discipleship by using local pastors and church leaders. We have seen God move in great ways over the last few years by the physical help given to the needy and the conversion of souls.


I am so thankful for each one of you that have given of yourselves through prayer and your resources. Feel free to contact me about any questions, concerns, or ideas as we continue this work together.


Ways to Be Involved
•    Pray — for our workers, the ones we minister to, and that God is Glorified
•    Fertilizer — 1 bag for $35 – our goal for 2014 is 300 bags
•    Bibles — 1 Chechewa Bible for $7.50 – our goal is limitless
•    Well repair — $300/ bore hole – our goal for 2014 is 100 wells
•    Medical supplies — our goal for 2014 is $4,000
•    Completion of main building  — $4,000
•    Construction of shower house/water storage– $3,000


Please designate what your gift is for. You can give through the web site gospel-in-action.org or by mail to :  Gospel in Action , 1005 Appleton Ridge , Appleton, ME 04862 – your gifts are tax deductible

Grace & Peace,
John Boyington

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