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James 1:3-6


Reach Out for Christ | | April, 2012

Report on March 2012 Malawi Trip: from John Boyington

To all those concerned with those in need in Africa, Greetings.

I am grateful to each one who was involved with this project either by giving financially, praying, or both . God has certainly done some incredible things this year.

Our basic team this year consisted of two Malawian pastors:

Pastor Ruben Nkhata and Pastor Phillip Mulinde along with Joe Granahan from Iowa and myself ( Maine )

We were able to repair more bore holes than ever this year-- not much sitting around time in the 2 weeks we were there - just a couple of  afternoons when we were rained out.


We worked in 3 areas : Mponela which is north of Lilongwe, Mchinji which is on the western border with Zambia, and Nkhotakhota which is on the eastern side of Malawi by Lake Malawi. In each of these areas local pastors contacted villages , decided who had the most urgent needs and went with the team as we did the repairs and presented the Gospel Message. These local pastors are imperative to the operation not only for the preliminary work, but for the follow-up work of the Gospel.

We repaired bore holes that had not worked for 6 , 8 and even 10 years. 2 to 3 years broken was quite common and one had only been down a month.

While we were there we actually hands on repaired 19 wells. There were 3 more on the list we could not get to because heavy rains made the trails slippery and we were likely to get stuck. We were able to leave what the 3 bore holes were probably going to need in Mponela for the villagers to pick up and the repairs could be done later --which Ruben did after Joe and I came home.

Not only did those three get repaired then, but 4 others were done with the available parts we had. And then Ruben emailed me recently that he was able to fix one more! So the total repaired this year is 27-- I am just amazed at how far our resources went, considering the vehicle rental and paying $9 to $11 for one gallon of diesel fuel. The number of people in the villages we helped exceeds 70,000.

As you know there is always a Gospel presentation after the bore hole repairs to all who will come -- usually a pretty good crowd.

In at least 3 of the villages preaching the Gospel resulted in new Bible studies started which means three new churches -- and I didn’t even know we were in the church planting ministry. This is where the local pastors’ work will be so important. One village was so taken with it all that the leaders right then and there gave about 2 acres of land for the building of a new church meetinghouse. We actually paced off the land , put markers down and had a little dedication ceremony -- how cool is that? Praise God!

One of the things that I bring out during the preaching is that if you are truly regenerated you will want to know God through reading and study of the Word as that is Him speaking to us. In one of the first villages we were at I was told that that is all great, but there is no Bible in the village. Our team decided that we would purchase and provide Chechewa Bibles for any village that needed one for starting a new work. So that is now our standard policy.

We did more in depth questioning of the village chiefs this year to try to understand how great is the need of these repairs. We got better statistics and information than we had in the past . Many reported sicknesses from drinking bad water most prevalent was severe diarrhea and also several cases of cholera and some deaths from cholera. We all hope and pray that by fixing the bore holes that these concerns will be abated.

A few days ago I got another report from Ruben in Malawi. He was able to repair one more bore hole which had been down for 2 years. The parts he used cost about $10 -- the village population is 3,800. He told me he went to that village for two reasons-- to fix the bore hole and to preach at the funeral of a 6 year old boy who died from drinking bad water. --------- Folks this work is extremely important ! I believe that God is going to expand and use this ministry far beyond what I ever imagined when we first started . All Glory Belongs to Him!

I will be doing some presentations of this work in the next few weeks in various settings. As you probably know, I am very busy with farming in the summer months however if there is an opportunity to present the ROFC work I will try to schedule it.

Plans for the next trip will be under consideration in the next few weeks also.

Again thanks to all and especially to the One we do this for:
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.



2012 Bore Hole Project:

Number repaired - 27
Approximate cost each - $350
Broken longest - 10 yrs.
Broken shortest - 1 month
Number of people affected - over 70,000
Health problems reported - diarrhea, cholera & deaths from cholera
Alternate water sources - dug wells, surface water (puddles), rivers and brooks
Number of times vehicle stuck - 2

Pictures of our March 2012 Mission Trip

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